Welcome to God’s Country!   This journey began 17 years ago when I was inspired to journal my experiences in the outdoors…resulting in GOD’S COUNTRY – A Devotional for Outdoorsman.   Enjoy the read and let me know what you think!

          “In God’s Country, Thomas Naumann reflects on these truths in his own unique way.   Down-to-earth and folksy, his insights will help appreciate more the wonders of God’s creation.”  

              —  Franklin Graham,  President,  Samaritan’s Purse

            “This book will lead anyone to view the outdoors with an enthusiasm that they never had before…..you get a clear-cut picture of God’s desire for your life.”

—  Chip Ferguson,  Former Quarterback,  Florida State Seminoles



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Wild Encounter

Guiding hunters for a living allows me to get up close and personal with God’s Creation. To sneak up within 7 steps of a wild boar is probably too personal! What a beautiful animal and experience.

Summer Beauty

I pulled some pics off a motion-sensor camera today. The forest is lush and green. A beautiful backdrop for 3 does and a fawn. They are a reflection of God…His beautiful Creation.

Say Cheese!!!

An important part of wildlife management at my hunting lodge is game cameras. The game camera is in a small box that straps to a tree. A motion sensor triggers the came to capture an passers by. Pulling the SD Card to view all the pics is like opening a Christmas present. The cam captures … Continue reading Say Cheese!!!

Making Memories

I have been guiding hunters in South Carolina for 18 years now. Hunting Guide would be my professional title, but I think “Memory Maker” is more appropriate. There is nothing more gratifying than to see a youth hunter harvest his first animal. Chase Bullard and his dad were in camp last week for a hog … Continue reading Making Memories

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