Welcome to God’s Country!   This journey began 17 years ago when I was inspired to journal my experiences in the outdoors…resulting in GOD’S COUNTRY – A Devotional for Outdoorsman.   Enjoy the read and let me know what you think!

          “In God’s Country, Thomas Naumann reflects on these truths in his own unique way.   Down-to-earth and folksy, his insights will help appreciate more the wonders of God’s creation.”  

              —  Franklin Graham,  President,  Samaritan’s Purse

            “This book will lead anyone to view the outdoors with an enthusiasm that they never had before…..you get a clear-cut picture of God’s desire for your life.”

—  Chip Ferguson,  Former Quarterback,  Florida State Seminoles



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Feeling Froggy?

What a beautiful find this was today. A Green Tree Frog is a wonder of God’s Creation. One of my favorites. They are quite friendly and gorgeous in color! Spend time in God’s Country and you find some real gems.

Wild Encounter

Guiding hunters for a living allows me to get up close and personal with God’s Creation. To sneak up within 7 steps of a wild boar is probably too personal! What a beautiful animal and experience.

Summer Beauty

I pulled some pics off a motion-sensor camera today. The forest is lush and green. A beautiful backdrop for 3 does and a fawn. They are a reflection of God…His beautiful Creation.

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