Little Wren Riding

The State bird of South Carolina is the Wren, a little brown bird that makes it’s home around your’s. I jumped in the Polaris Ranger and noticed a nest with 4 eggs in the dash. She was sitting tight and finally blew out of there. They are safe with me and along for the ride!

God’s Creation is so beautiful…even the little Wren. The tiny eggs are a symbol of new life. She will guard those eggs with her life. The Bible says consider the lilies of the field and the sparrow. If God loves the little things, how much more does He love us? More than you know.

Horseshoes and Handgrenades

A horse is a magnificent and beautiful animal. While they are a powerful machine, they are quite sensitive and have feelings.

My daughter does English Horseback riding. Our pony Alice is an experienced jumper and loves it like a kid on a playground. She is a true Champion in some events.

Riding isn’t easy. It takes hours of consistent practice and repetition for the horse to become disciplined and respond to rider commands.

We too are a lot like wild, untrained horses. I want to do what I want to, when I want to. Our culture encourages independence…you don’t need anyone…it’s all about you.

God desires to be our trainer. He wants to strengthen and develop us to survive, perform, serve, and live life abundantly. We are Sheep in need of a Shepherd and a Horse in need of a Trainer. The journey is worth the effort.

Say Cheese!!!

An important part of wildlife management at my hunting lodge is game cameras. The game camera is in a small box that straps to a tree. A motion sensor triggers the came to capture an passers by.

Pulling the SD Card to view all the pics is like opening a Christmas present. The cam captures the beauty of wildlife and God’s Creation.

Making Memories

I have been guiding hunters in South Carolina for 18 years now. Hunting Guide would be my professional title, but I think “Memory Maker” is more appropriate.

There is nothing more gratifying than to see a youth hunter harvest his first animal. Chase Bullard and his dad were in camp last week for a hog hunt. From the beginning, the 16 year old was quite anxious.

The memory was made when Chase made a fantastic shot on his first wild hog. He was ecstatic, as was his dad. It’s a sweet moment that we will all never forget.