November is here and Thanksgiving is a few weeks away. Sitting in the woods, I watch a majestic gobbler in full strut. God’s wonderful Creation speaks to my heart…reminding me of God’s blessings and provision.

“For ALL good things come from God”. I am thankful for salvation, my beautiful wife and 3 children, loyal friends, shelter, to live in a free nation. Also…for simple blessings like a glorious sunrise, colorful flowers, and cool breeze on a hot summer day.

“Give thanks to God in ALL things.”


Today I found 2 of the largest species of Moths. What I find intriguing is while they are strikingly beautiful, their coloration and markings are not by chance.

God created many creatures with camouflage to not fall prey to predators. The distinct symmetrical circles on the wings are intended to look like the EYES of something much bigger than the moth. “Don’t mess with me” is the message to passers by.

Don’t miss the wonder of God’s Creation. There is a purpose for all that you see. God wonderfully made us with beauty and purpose as well.

Snake Charmer

My Southern charm didn’t work too well on this big black snake. Non-venomous they are but the bite doesn’t feel too good. I had the bright idea to sneak up to video “hiding” behind my phone (Seriously?…6-5 and 260 lbs hiding behind a phone???)

I crawled within 2 feet and he knocked the phone right out of my hand with a hard strike. We need to be cautious in life. So many beautiful temptations everyday. You know what they are. Play with fire…you’re gonna get burnt. Play with a snake and you’re gonna get bit!

Little Wren Riding

The State bird of South Carolina is the Wren, a little brown bird that makes it’s home around your’s. I jumped in the Polaris Ranger and noticed a nest with 4 eggs in the dash. She was sitting tight and finally blew out of there. They are safe with me and along for the ride!

God’s Creation is so beautiful…even the little Wren. The tiny eggs are a symbol of new life. She will guard those eggs with her life. The Bible says consider the lilies of the field and the sparrow. If God loves the little things, how much more does He love us? More than you know.

Horseshoes and Handgrenades

A horse is a magnificent and beautiful animal. While they are a powerful machine, they are quite sensitive and have feelings.

My daughter does English Horseback riding. Our pony Alice is an experienced jumper and loves it like a kid on a playground. She is a true Champion in some events.

Riding isn’t easy. It takes hours of consistent practice and repetition for the horse to become disciplined and respond to rider commands.

We too are a lot like wild, untrained horses. I want to do what I want to, when I want to. Our culture encourages independence…you don’t need anyone…it’s all about you.

God desires to be our trainer. He wants to strengthen and develop us to survive, perform, serve, and live life abundantly. We are Sheep in need of a Shepherd and a Horse in need of a Trainer. The journey is worth the effort.