It was my first deep-sea fishing trip. A friend and his father had booked an all-day trip on a party boat out of South Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I would soon find out the trip was no party.

Our destination was the Gulf stream to fish for grouper and red snapper. Having never been out on the open sea in a boat, my friend recommended I take some of those pills to keep you from getting sick. I prideful he said, “No thank you, I’ll be fine.“ Famous last words of a fool. Why do we men have such big egos?

The boat was no more than a mile from the marina, and I was giving it the ‘ol heave ho. I prayed that the Lord would calm the sea just as He did on Galilee. I finally understood how Gregory Peck must have felt strapped to the back of that white whale. I continued to pray, “Lord, get me to the nearest piece of dry land, do not pass go, do not collect $200.

So often we depend on God to bail us out and we blame him for our circumstances. Remember that he blessed us with a keen mind and spirit to make good decisions. By the way, the next time I went deep-sea fishing… I took those pills.

* Excerpt from God’s Country – A Devotional for the Outdoorsman. Order on Amazon or

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