Zebra Stripes

I was privileged to go on a 10-day in the Zulu region of South Africa. While the hunt was a thrilling adventure, the life lessons learned were just as memorable.

With my rifle slung across my back, I crawled through the bush to sneak up on a Zebra Stallion. He was elusive, but eventually crept to a position for a 40 yard shot in thick cover that found its mark.

As I respectfully admired the beautiful animal, my guide and professional hunter Toby provided a most unexpected lesson. He said, “While all the Zebra look alike, NO stripe patterns are the same….a young foal even recognizes their mother by her unique stripes!”

How much more does God recognize you and I? We have unique appearance and DNA. As our Creator, He knows everything about us. He loves us for who and all that we are. Embrace Him. Jesus took our sin and shame to the Cross. The Bible even says…”and by His Stripes, we are healed.”

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